#84 Noon
(175 pieces)

~ This is a handmade, hand cut, created by me, one of a kind wooden jigsaw puzzle! ~

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Noon was made from a fairly recent art print which is a repro of an antique (1800's) art print. It is titled on the print itself "Noon" - leaves no clue as to the puzzle if you haven't seen it beforehand! An angel and a cherub are flying through the clouds, she is holding a basket of flowers. What is especially nice about this puzzle is that I cut around the "frame" in the print, giving it a very fancy and irregular edge!

The print has been mounted with acid-free adhesive. The puzzle measures approx 8" X 10". It is actually 9" X 11" at its widest points. There is an average of 2.2 pieces per square inch. Puzzle has been cut from 1/4" 5-ply Finland Birch using blades with a thickness of just 0.010.

There are 4 figurals

• Dove
• Butterfly
• Angel
• "Key" signature piece
(signed, numbered, and dated on the back)

Puzzle was cut in my Standard Cutting Style. Highly interlocking; pieces connect via knobs or earlets and are cut one piece at a time. Entire puzzle can be picked up with just a piece or two falling out (usually the butterfly). Random pieces shown below.

Section of back shown below, illustrating how the pieces interlock together.

Entire back of puzzle shown below (before signing signature piece). Because of the irregular edge, this puzzle will be a little more difficult to work.

Puzzle comes with the beautiful wood box with hinged lid shown below. I purchased this box new and finished the outside with stain and varnish. I believe this is basswood. My label is affixed to the inside of the lid with the puzzle title, number, and piece count. The box measures 6 1/2" X 4 1/4" X 4" high.

Note: This puzzle contains small pieces which may present a choking hazard to children. It has been designed for adults or older children and is not meant for young children.

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