- Hand Cut Wood Puzzles from the Hills of Pennsylvania!

My award-winning hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles make unique gifts, collectibles, and family heirlooms and are meant to provide you with many years of fun and frustration!

I like to add all of the traditional hallmarks of a handcut puzzle to my work (not necessarily all in the same puzzle) including figure pieces, color-line cutting, disguised edge pieces and sometimes trick edge pieces! Other special features you might find are dropouts, dropout/figural combinations, and sculpted edges! Some of my previous work is shown here.

Although most of my puzzles are made with my Standard Cut, I also use a variety of specialty cuts including Spiral, Artistic, Continuous, Long Arm, Non-Interlocking, Butterfly, Enhanced Spiral, Grid, and Combination Cuts of some or all of the above. (See my cutting style page for more details!) Learn more about me and how my puzzles are made here.

Experience the satisfaction of piecing together a hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzle, and you may never be the same again!

I accept a limited number of custom orders. If you have a favorite art print or poster you would like to turn into a puzzle, please contact me for details. I can also turn your digital image or photograph into a puzzle.

NEW: Personalized Guest Book Puzzles for Weddings, Anniversaries, and more: If you can dream it, I can make it. Let me know your vision, and I will turn it into a puzzle. Piece counts up to 200+ pieces and dimensions up to 20" X 36" .. dozens of sizes and choices to choose from.

Shaped puzzles - Heart Shaped puzzles, Custom Initial puzzles (first letter of the new couple's last name for example)... I have done a Fleur de Lis, a teacup for a Sweet Sixteens Party, etc. What shape do you have in mind? Write me.

Sculpted Dropouts - I can add your names & date cut into the puzzle for a personalized touch.

Figurals - Wedding related figurals or personalized pieces for your special occasion.

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hand-cut puzzles for a unique christmas or birthday gift a one of a kind creation signed by artist

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