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Listed below are links to other puzzle cutters who make hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles!

Armstrong Puzzles

Unique hand-made artistic wooden jigsaw puzzles, specializing in large projects with irregular outlines. Commissions only.

Custom Puzzle Craft

Handmade Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles with an Artist's Eye

Doug's Puzzles

Custom hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. Specializing in custom wooden jigsaw puzzles for corporate functions.

Heirloom Puzzles

Fine handcrafted wooden puzzles for children at affordable prices. Includes educational themes as well as custom and unique layered designs.

Jack-in-the-Box Puzzles

Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles...Artistic Puzzles, Advanced Puzzles, Photo Puzzles, Wedding Proposal Puzzles, and Much More!

Jardin Puzzles

Makers of unique, personalized, quality-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Jemidanny Puzzles

Unique micro & super-micro cut originally designed wooden jigsaw puzzles using art designs by American artist Lawrence Kurtz, the same guy who cuts them.

JJ Puzzles

Maker of custom heirloom quality wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Micah Puzzles

High quality wood puzzles hand cut by craftsmen from 5 ply mahogany backed 1/4" plywood. Every puzzle made is a custom original first edition

Pelican Puzzles

Maker of fine hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles from fine art prints and photos. Offering both custom-designed and ready-to-ship puzzles.

Pisces Puzzles

Artful wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Purple Martin Puzzles

Handcrafted artistic wooden jigsaw puzzles cut by Clinton T. Martin, who is continuing a legacy... Clinton's Great, Great Uncle Carlton was a puzzle cutter during the early 1930's!

Puzzle Art

Maker of fine wooden jigsaw puzzles from customer-supplied photos and prints, or from a collection of gallery images.  Many custom features are available to make each puzzle unique and memorable.


Handcrafted Wooden Puzzles and Toys

Thingamajigsaw Puzzles

Handcrafted, cherry-backed jigsaw puzzles ranging from truly traditional to treacherously tricky.

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