#338 Coral Reef
(559 pieces)

~ This is a handmade, hand cut, created by me, one of a kind wooden jigsaw puzzle! ~
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Coral Reef contains all the bells and whistles that you will only see in a fine hand cut jigsaw puzzle! It has a unique irregular edge, figural protrusions, interior dropouts, color-line cutting, and lots of figurals!!

There is an average of 2.0 pieces per square inch although that is not exact because there are dropouts, so it is my best estimate. Puzzle has been handcut from 1/4" 5-ply Baltic Birch, a very strong wood that will last for generations to come! See enlarged side view below. I cut this puzzle by hand, carefully guiding the wood into the thin blade of a scroll saw, cutting off one piece at a time, using blades with a thickness of just 0.008! Approximate size is 15" X 19 3/4"

There are at least 29 figurals in the puzzle, including my "key" signature piece (signed, numbered, and dated on the back). Includes some color-line cut and complex figurals.

Many of the fishes and other sea animal figurals are appropriate, being in locations that are appropriate to the print, such as the coral growing at the bottom of the sea, and the fishing hook and sea shells down at the bottom. The two sea turtles fleeing from the tiger shark are also interactive.

Note the darker blue coloring of the tiger shark in relation to its surroundings. This was done to make the shark stand out in the completed puzzle. It took careful planning and execution. It was created from the drop-out area that was discarded.. It is also a figural protrusion. Other figural protrusions include coral down at the bottom left corner, and the two sea turtles. The photo below was taken outside and so there are some shadows on the puzzle.

There are 2 large dropout areas in the puzzle, where color-line cut figurals can be seen. One is shown below. This is going to be a really interesting and fun puzzle to put together.

This puzzle was cut in my Standard Cut; pieces interlock via knobs and earlets.. It is highly interlocking, except around certain figurals, especially those that are color-line cut.

Cutting went well and I ran into no voids or other flaws with the wood. This is an excellent puzzle and will make a wonderful addition to your puzzle collection- or would make a super gift!

Puzzle will come disassembled inside a beautiful wood box with sliding lid similar to the one shown below. I made this box from solid pine (sides) and 3-ply Birch (lid and bottom). The outside has been stained and varnished. My label is affixed to the outside of the box with the puzzle title, number, and piece count.

Note: This puzzle contains small pieces which may present a choking hazard to children. It has been designed for adults or older children and is not meant for young children.

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