#187 Boys Will Be Boys
(408 pieces)

~ This is a handmade, hand cut, created by me, one of a kind wooden jigsaw puzzle! ~
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Boys Will Be Boys is a fun puzzle featuring the artwork of Tom Sierak. It is springtime in the country; a little boy in baseball cap is relieving himself in the weeds, his pants pulled down, revealing his bottom! His dog, a Siberian Husky, waits patiently ahead of him! This is a really cute one, and all the figurals are related to little boys as well.

Puzzle has been handcut from 1/4" 5-ply Finland Birch, a very strong wood that will last for generations to come! See enlarged side view below. I cut this puzzle by hand, carefully guiding the wood into the thin blade of a scroll saw, cutting off one piece at a time, using blades with a thickness of just 0.008! Puzzle measures approximately 11 3/4" X 13 3/4". There is an average of 2.5 pieces per square inch.

There are 24 figurals!

• Airplane
• Apple
• Baseball Cap (enhanced)
• Baseball Catcher
• Bird
• Boy running
• Campfire
• Cowboy Hat
• Dinosaur (enhanced)
• Dog
• Fish
• Fishing Hook
• Football (enhanced)
• Football Helmet
• Frog (enhanced)
• Handgun
• Hammer (enhanced)
• Pedal Car (enhanced)
• Railway Crossing Sign
• Shoe (enhanced)
• Snake
• Steam Engine
• Wrench
• "Key" signature piece
(signed, numbered, and dated on the back)

Figural placement shown above. Seven of the figurals are enhanced figurals, meaning they are additionally "decorated" with dead-end cuts. Also note that there are many "pairs" of related figurals. It will be fun to find them all. Examples include locomotive and railway crossing sign, baseball catcher and baseball cap, fish and fishing hook, and more! In addition, the snake and the frog could be considered an interactive figural pair, since the snake is slithering up behind the frog, perhaps to eat him.

Puzzle was cut in my Standard Cut which is highly interlocking; pieces connect via knobs and earlets. Puzzle was cut one piece at a time, and no two pieces are alike! Only 4 or 5 pieces fell out when I turned over the puzzle for photos. Random selection of pieces shown above.

Shown above and below are small sections of the backside to illustrate how the pieces fit together and my cutting style. You can also see some of the enhanced figurals in these photos.

This puzzle will be a challenge to solve, because of the high piece count and large areas of similar color and pattern. Fortunately the numerous figurals should add enough hints to motivate you to finish! And when you are completed, you have the added pleasure of chuckling at the humor in the picture

Customizing Options

Keep in mind I can be commissioned to create a customized puzzle using another identical art print. Customizing options include piece count, cutting style, and more. For example, if you like this print, but want it cut in a different cutting style or with a different number of figurals or total piece count- or even in a different size- please contact me for details. I can also be commissioned to make a puzzle from some of Tom's other artwork so be sure to visit his website & if you see other prints you like, let me know!

Puzzle comes disassembled inside the beautiful wood box with sliding lid shown below. I made this box from solid pine (sides) and 3-ply Finland Birch (lid and bottom). The outside has been stained and varnished. My label is affixed to the outside of the box with the puzzle title, number, and piece count. The box measures 6" X 10 1/2" X 3 1/2" high.

Note: This puzzle contains small pieces which may present a choking hazard to children. It has been designed for adults or older children and is not meant for young children.

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